Spring 2019 (COM 3102) Communication for Executives
Assignment Parameters

Best Practice Reports


Develop an analytical report identifying best practices or important lessons relevant to the topic for a specific aspect of executive communications from the topics covered in class.


  • Executive Leadership Strategies and Techniques for Communicating Effectively with Employees (Influencing Positive Employee Behavior)

Individual Best Practice Report Parameters

  • Identify between four-to-six best practices, or important lessons relevant to that topic (from class and independent research—extensive independent research is an expectation).
  • Include company examples to illustrate each practice drawing on information discussed during class and from independent research. (Do not use fictional case studies from class discussion.)
  • The report should be between four-to-six pages in length, double-spaced, typed, citations, endnotes, bibliography additional.
  • You will submit an outline/descriptor of your report prior to submitting the final report.

Report Elements Should Include

  1. Introduction – the rationale for identifying best practices in the specific area; an overview of what constitutes excellent practices in the area (drawn from class lectures, secondary research)
  2. Identification of four-to-six best practices – a full description.
  3. Use company or executive examples of each best practice in use to illustrate the practice.

Conclusion – summation; what companies can learn from best practices in specific area – how adopting best practices can strengthen executive communications and lead to positive results

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