Review the Paraphrasing tutorial here (Links to an external site.). There’s also a helpful video here (Links to an external site.).

Directions: Paraphrase the quote below by putting into your own words

“I am most willing to answer all questions about myself. I have nothing to hide from your committee and there is nothing in my life of which I am ashamed. I have been advised by counsel that under the fifth amendment I have a constitutional privilege to decline to answer any questions about my political opinions, activities, and associations, on the grounds of self-incrimination. I do not wish to claim this privilege. I am ready and willing to testify before the representatives of our Government as to my own opinions and my own actions, regardless of any risks or consequences to myself.”

Excerpt from Lillian Hellman, Letter to HUAC (Links to an external site.), May 19, 1952.

You need to put this in your own words. So, take it out of the quote. Don’t forget to cite!


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