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Assignment 1
Topic: Old Testament Text and Context (Study Questions); 15 pages, 1 source

The Questions in this book (The Old Testament Text and Context By, Victor H. Matthews and James C. Moyer. Are scattered throughout the chapters under the heading of (Study Questions). Each of these questions should be answered, along with the ones at the end of the chapter. Your responses should be in the form of short essay (25-100 words). Stay close to the subject matter, do not plagiarize and answer every question in the book.

The book will be provided.


Assignment 2

Topic: Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling A Guide to Brief Therapy; 15 pages, 2 sources

Use the textbook and your knowledge base of nouthetic counseling and as a source of information for following the guidelines below. The items in the assignment section are to be treated as actual documents and will be turned in as your final exam.

Look at the complete program as a role-play of sorts. Use your imagination and get involved. You are the counselor. The subjects mentioned in the case scenario are your counselees. You will develop their personalities, traits, weaknesses, mannerisms and strengths to create responses, reports, questionnaires, etc.
Every practical assignment will be based upon the following case scenario. You will be graded upon the quality, professionalism and content of all sections of the assignments.
You should very carefully analyze every part and respond to any area you feel is important to the case. There are no right or wrong responses. Let your imagination lead you.
Be sure to read the complete book before you attempt any of these exercises. It has a wealth of information, use it.

Case Scenario
This scenario only gives basic information. You must develop most of the detailed information as you progress in the assignments.

The Candy family is made up of Ross, “Jazzy” and Allen.
Ross is 43 years old. His wife, Jasmine, nickname “Jazzy” is 39. They have been married for 13 years. During the first 3 years they lived in an apartment in St. Louis and for the past 10 years they have lived in Junction Heights, a suburb of Kansas City, KS.
They have a family business where they produce and market widgets.
Ross spends much of his time at the office. His free time is mainly used in sailing model boats.
Jazzy likes to dance, play bridge and work in her rose garden.
They have one child, Ross Allen who is 10. He goes by the name Allen rather than Ross. Allen has a pony, Peanuts, who is boarded out at a stable 25 minutes from the home. He likes to figure skate and play hockey and has began to take an interest in girls.
Jazzy has come to you telling you that Ross has unexpectedly filed for divorce.

You will find many other details from the information on their intake forms and through counseling.
Your project is to use this Case Scenario to determine and document the details of their martial problems and how it affects each member of the family.

On the Following assignments you should use the samples given in the textbook, (Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling by:Everett L. Worthington Jr.) But develop them to fit your own counseling practice. Treat these assignments as if they were real documents. Remember responses are not from you they are from the Candy Family.

Include the question or point of reference for each of your entries.

1. Write a discourse of 300-400 words defending your present position of hope-focused marriage counseling.

2. Develop an actual pamphlet to hand out to your counselees. This can be done on your computer or by hand. Make it informative and professional.

3. Develop your own intake form. You must use the questions in Table 6.1 (in the Book)

4.Have Ross and Jazzy fill out an intake form.

5.Give detailed summaries of 6 of your counseling sessions (two for each family member).

6. Develop your planning session for 6 weeks of counseling (two for each family member)

7.After your first session answer the 17 questions in
Table 6.2 (in the book) for each partner based upon your findings from your previous counseling sessions.

8. Use the above to write and Assessment Report Similar to the one found in Table 6.4 (in the book)

9. Using the information in Table 6.5 (in the book) determine whether or not your counseling is working.

10. Have Ross and Jazzy to complete the questionnaire in Table 7.1 (in the Book)

11.Complete the following Five Interventions (Homework) with the words of the counselee.
Number 7.2 (in the book)
Number 7.3 (in the book)
Number 8.7 (in the book)
Number 9.6 (in the book)
Number 9.10 (in the Book)

Tables for the assignments can be downloaded from:

The book will be provided.

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