Ethics in Practice Project
The student will create and present a project entitled Ethics in Practice. The student’s research will be guided by a research question related to ethics. I chose the topic ‘Ethics in Practice Project in Aerospace Education’. This ethics project consists of the creation of a brochure, and a reference list. Minimum 12 references with bibliography.
The research project will be supported by a reference list of at least twelve scholarly references. The project will also reflect analysis of the following questions:
• What is your problem statement?
• What is your research question?
• What theoretical framework applies to your research question?
• What are the fundamental and powerful concepts discovered in your research?
• What are implications for educational leadership?
• How do you plan to apply what you have learned from your research?
The last pages need to be a three part brochure with a 5 minute presentation for the brochure. This has to be an aviation education theme.
Helpful information will be provided.

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