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Think about your letter as the beginnings of your reflections about the evidence (scenes from experience, essays, images, films) which you have represented. For this exploratory (or familiar) essay, bring representations and reflection together to develop your idea. Imagine a more general audience than your letter provided, and develop your idea for that larger audience.

The Familiar and the Unfamiliar is a familiar (personal) essay, which uses one or more scenes from personal experience as its primary source of evidence. Like Samara Hennet in “Incidental Trees,” you are writing to figure out a problem located inside one of your own experiences. Represent a scene from your experience which presents an interesting problem to think about, and then use other evidence to develop your understanding of that problem.

Your evidence for this essay will more than likely consist of the evidence and reflection that you conveyed to your friend in the letter. But you need not confine yourself to this evidence. There may be other evidence in your mind or in your world (including other scenes from your experience) that now seem important in terms of your evolving idea. The minimum requirements for evidence are

(1) at least one scene from experience,
(2) at least two essays from our course readings (At the dam and The Jetman – these essays will be provided), and
(3) in some way, Black Mirror Season 3, Episode 1 (“Nosedive”).

Please cite all evidence except for your scene(s) from experience.

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