How to write a good research proposal

Writing a good research proposal

One one the major questions that many of our students ask is;  How do I write a good research proposal? However, our professional research paper writers are always online and ready to help you write an excellence paper. Below are the key aspects of a research proposal.

How to write a good research proposal
How to write a good research proposal

Steps for writing a good research proposal

A good research proposal is characterized by various components.

First, it should be concise and exhaustively address the subject of the research.

The writing must inculcate simple and good grammar to enable it to communicate the findings comprehensively.

In addition, a good research proposal has to be systematic and logical.

The objectives and goals should be fully addressed.

Finally, it has to be written adhering to the standard research paper proposal outline.

The draft is segmented into various sections.

These are the:

  1. Title and title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Background and literature review
  5. Research and design
  6. Conclusion and policy implication
  7. Reference and appendices portions

Title and Title page

One should come up with the appropriate title for the research proposal. A good title is concise and fully explanatory on its own.  Also, it should identify the variables of the research study, based on scientific and social grounds.  The title page would have the title of the research in the center, the name of the individual submitting the research and institution receiving it.


            The next part in the research proposal would be the abstract of research. The abstract is comprised of a summary of the research problem being addressed by the investigative paper. Also, the abstract summarizes the objectives and the findings of the research and outlines the proposed potential solutions. The abstract should be short, not more than a page, but able to touch on the aforementioned components.


            The introduction should be the beginning of the pitching of the research’s idea. It should provide an examination of the significance of the problem in consideration. The statement of the problem is written in this part and seeks to show the objectives of the research proposal. In addition, the introduction should explain why the research needs to be conducted, the new findings that the research would come up with. The significance of the research study should also be briefly outlined in this section, identifying the analysis of research that is being proposed.

Background and Literature Review

            This section should provide a brief summary of what is already known in the field of study.  A summary of the background information on the topic should be discussed. In the literature review, an individual should compare and contrast what previous researchers have found out and questions raised in their studies. One should point out to the gaps in previous research studies, stating why they were insufficient, therefore justifying the need for further research.

Research Method and Design

            In this section, one should describe the methodology of research, specifying the operations that would be carried out and the methods used for interpretation of the results. Methods of data collection and analysis are also discussed in this section. The appropriate research design should be proposed, based on previous relevant research studies. One should justify the chosen methods while demonstrating knowledge for other alternatives. Information of the sampling techniques to be used, the sample size and target populations should also be included.

Conclusion and Policy Implications

            This section should be brief and it further reiterates the importance of the research study. It should provide a summary of the whole study carried out. It is also in this section that potential policy implications stemming from the research should be outlined.

References and Appendices

One should include a list of all scholarly references used. They should be referenced in the appropriate methods such as APA, MLA styles, or any other recommended style. For a research proposal the appendices should only include the budget proposal for the research paper.

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